Before you Start

Ensure that:

1. Editing the Contact Form to receive emails to your own address

The forms are available via the Contact menu option on the left hand side when you've logged into WordPress. 

If you see more than one form - the contact form in the demo uses an id of 66 - so edit that one.

Switch to the Mail tab and change the email address within the 'To' field to your own. 

It's useful to test out the form on the front-end to ensure that you're now getting the emails from your site.

Problems receiving mail?

Some people have reported that, depending on the host, the email address needs to be on the same domain as your site. So if your website is - you need to have an email address which corresponds to it, e.g.

You'll need to contact your hosting provider to set up any email addresses in this fashion.

2. Contact Form Help

Please Note:

We won't be able to provide specific support for this 3rd party plugin - if you have additional queries we recommend the documentation section of the Contact Form 7 site.