Before you Start

Ensure that:

1. Changing the Sidebar

These elements are widgets. To edit them go to Appearance > Widgets.

There are two Sidebar areas.

  1.  The standard Sidebar widget area is displayed on your posts and the main blog/news page.
  2.  The Page Sidebar widget area is displayed on Pages.

The Pages sidebar widget area is made up of two widgets. The Advanced Sidebar Pages Menu - this is a plugin you will have added in the install step. And a text widget which is the feature underneath.

Within the Text widget in the Pages Sidebar area you'll see this:

<p>View our 2017 brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered by us.</p>
<p><i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right"></i> <a href="#">Download the PDF</a></p>

Just change the text to whatever you like.

If you'd like to link this to a PDF - upload a PDF file first via the Media section in WordPress. Replace the # reference with the full path to the file.

2. Page Attributes

When you edit a page you'll see a Page Attributes box on the right hand side.


This assigns a page to a parent page - it is how the inner navigation is created in the sidebar. So say, you have a section called Services and you would like to list your page Painting within it. You would edit the page Painting and set its Parent to be 'Services'


If you would like a Page to be Full width and have no sidebar - edit the page and look for the Template dropdown within the Page Attributes section. Change this to Full width page.


Changing the number re-arranges its position in the left hand sidebar menu. You should add a number to each page.