Before you Start

Ensure that:

1. Adding a Logo and Favicon

We use the customizer extensively throughout the theme. To get started go to Appearance > Customize.

You'll see a number of vertical tabs on the left-hand-side. Click on General Settings and then Site Identity.

Within Site Identity - you'll see an option to upload your own logo. Upload any gif, jpg or png file here. When you add an image you'll get an option to crop the image. You can click 'skip cropping' so your logo will not be distorted.

Below this you'll see an option to add a Site Icon - this is the favicon.

Changing the Logo Size

We have an option to change the logo height - this scales the logo proportionally.

Go to General Settings > Logo Height - you can adjust the height of the logo image there.

2. Adjust the Primary Color

The primary color is used throughout the theme for splashes of a distinctive brand color - e.g. buttons. 

The default color in Judgement is light hue of brown - but this can be easily changed. Go to Appearance > Customize.

Then Color > General > Primary Swatch Color

The Text on the primary swatch is the color of text that appears on your primary color. So if you're using a light hue you may wish to change this to a dark color to make it visible.

3. Adding a Default Image behind the Page Titles

You can add a default image behind the page title just like we do on our demo site. Again, open the Customizer via Appearance > Customize

Go to Layout > Page Heading Settings

Note: If you'd like to use the same image as our demo site it's attached at the bottom of this page. Just Save-As to download it first.

Upload a Unique Image on a Page

Simply upload an image via the Featured Image section on a page when editing it. This will over-write the default image so the page heading will have a unique background.

4. Spend some time with the Customizer

There are lots of more options with the Judgement Customizer including changing the primary font, changing the link colors as well as showing or hiding various sections.